The Beginner's Guide to Crystal Reports 2016 was written as a quick start guide for beginners, and not intended as a comprehensive reference manual. The book is used for corporate training for non-programmers, textbook for colleges, and recommended by numerous Crystal Reports training videos at

The beginner-level skills of Crystal Reports is easy to learn and can be achieved within a few hours of hands-on learning. With an established data source connection, learning and using Crystal Reports 2016 is as easy as using Microsoft Office. Learn how to setup a data connection, examine a data structure, create a new report, add data fields, format a report, add pictures, charts and create formulas. See how to filter data, setup user parameters and create a summary report with drill-down features. This book demystifies the complexity of learning Crystal Reports and presents it as a user-friendly application. 

Building a Citadel is a top-down, bottom-up approach at optimizing the focus, process, and structure of an organization. This process-oriented book outlines the fundamental tools for building organizational discipline and the precision of deploying performance-driven initiatives.

The strategic guide to lean provides a top-down optimization of the core structures and processes of an organization. Optimizing the structural framework provides big dividends and resolves most of the tactical and operational inefficiencies. Achieving organizational discipline, focus and precision start at the strategic level and require a tactical infrastructure to swiftly respond to dynamic changes in the market arena and enhance operational readiness. Before deploying lean at the operational level, make certain that the strategic and tactical level infrastructure are optimized.

Reference Books

Lean and Performance Drive contains helpful methods for supervisors to build a performance-driven workforce. The book outlines the key components for establishing the foundation to a lean environment and a performance-driven work force.

This is a compilation of implementation methods and procedures used at various industries. Small mom-and-pop businesses to large Fortune 100 companies applied these methods to establish performance standards, focus on process compliance, implement high-impact improvements and provide objective performance feedback.‚Äč