XMC-401 Training Platform

Fast-paced, fun, and effective training
Organizations in the healthcare, manufacturing, and service industries used a fast-paced, fun, and memorable training from Applied IE. The
XMC-401 training platform was designed and engineered by Applied IE as an effective hands-on learning platform. It maximizes participation and engagement by immersing participants to experience the lesson plan in a near-realistic production assembly simulation.

The XMC-401 training workshop can be delivered in the following learning environments using:

  • Tables in a conference-training facility.
  • Workstations in a manufacturing facility.
  • The world-class Regional Manufacturing Technology Center of Kellogg Community College, Battle Creek, Michigan.​

Hands-on learning
Participants aim to build a batch of products with the highest customer value. Customer value is an aggregate scorecard of performance metrics that includes speed of production, track performance, and conformance to quality specifications.

Customized training topics
Collaborate with Applied IE to identify learning objectives and topics. The workshop can be designed as a one-day or multi-day workshop and may include training topics such as:

  • ​Planning and conducting a Kaizen event.
  • Learning the fundamentals of Lean Manufacturing.
  • Exploring the approach to Lean Office.
  • Improving top-down efficiency with the business-process mapping.
  • Applying Kanban to reduce and manage inventory.
  • Establishing the standard practice of workplace organization.
  • Using SAP Crystal Reports for data analytics.
  • Synchronizing focus with a cascade of performance metrics.
  • Simple and effective job performance reviews.
  • Learning the fundamentals and methods of problem-solving.
  • Building performance-driven teams.
  • Formulating a strategic business plan.
  • Engaging employees to participate in process improvement.