Industrial engineers, management consultants, and educators.

Enabling organizations to operate faster, better, and easier.

Crystal Reports

SAP Crystal Reports is a report development software used by the majority of computer systems across all industries and specialties.

Applied IE can pull data from multiple computer systems or data sources and merge into a single report or performance dashboard.

SAP Crystal Reports can provide hardcopy completed forms, labels with barcodes, big-screen performance dashboards, and graphic presentation of performance data. 

Community job skills training

The Skills for American Manufacturing (SAM) training is a collaboration of workforce development organizations, learning institutions, and Applied IE.

SAM training is customized to provide learning objectives designed for a specific community population to prepare or enhance job skills for the manufacturing industry.

Applied Industrial Engineering

We help organizations in the office and manufacturing environments operate faster, better, and easier. We focus on performance-driven solutions incorporating process efficiency, quality verification, technology, and the human factors. We are industrial engineers, management consultants, and educators with expertise in operations management and efficiency engineering. We share our technical expertise and experience to support lean six sigma, continuous improvement, and project leaders.

Industrial engineering is the science of developing, optimizing, implementing, and sustaining an organizational process.
A Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering degree includes the engineering science foundation. A compilation of basic multi-disciplinary courses from mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and materials engineering. The industrial engineering discipline includes courses such as statistics, integral & differential calculus, qualitative methods, operations research, economics, accounting, project management, systems analysis & design, ergonomics, site design & layout, quality management, and information systems.

The Toyota Production System, Lean, and most process improvement programs derive methods and techniques from Industrial Engineering.