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Applied IE expertise in project management, process engineering, human factors, instructional design, and training enable us to implement solutions with high compliance, stability, and predictability.

We design solutions that are practical, easy to understand, easy to apply, and effective at improving performance. Applied IE is constantly developing optimization solutions for organizations in various industries using the science of industrial engineering.


The industrial engineering discipline is the global standard for organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Process improvement initiatives such as the Toyota production system, lean, and six sigma aspire to implement the methods of industrial engineering. 

Simple to follow, and practical Applied IE methods are faster to train, apply, and see improved performance outcomes.  We are a leading edge industrial engineering firm developing and applying the practical science of industrial engineering.

Extensive knowledge and experience in business management, manufacturing operations, quality systems, industrial engineering, and information technology enable Applied IE  to deploy solutions to make the work environment better.

We optimized process improvement tools used in lean, six sigma, and total quality management by applying the science of industrial engineering. Applied IE deploy solutions targeting specific organizational needs and performance metrics.